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How To Choose A Lawn Service

Here Are Some Things To Consider...

  • Business Ethics - Choose lawn service contractors that are ethical. They should have proper insurance if employees are injured on your property. And they should maintain permits and occupational licenses that are required by law.

  • Technical Skill - Your lawn service contractor should posses a good working knowledge of turfgrass, plants, insect and disease problems, environmental laws, materials, supplies, equipment and methods to do a quality job.

  • Equipment - Your lawn service contractor should have the right equipment - and enough equipment for the job. Equipment appearance may tell you a lot...is it well maintained and are proper safety devices in place?

  • Business Know How - Sound business practices help assure long term service for you. Good business management and fair prices are the cornerstone of a successful reliable lawn service contractor. Ask for customer references before you decide on any lawn service.

Other Considerations...

  • Security - Persons maintaining your grounds will have access to your property. Even without interior access, they will become aware of your routines, your security precautions, when you are home and when you are away.

  • Landscape Maintenance is a Complex Business - Only a competent professional can begin to stay current on the laws, regulations and technical advancements in the industry.
    Avoid Misunderstandings - You need to know exactly what will be provided and what it will cost you - what is basic and what is extra. The what, when and how should be spelled out in writing (when and how it will be mowed, mowing height, type of mower, clippings, edging, weed control, mulching, pruning, clean up, pest control, etc.).

What Next?

  • Interview - Ask your prospective lawn service contractor about the things discussed in this brochure; licenses, certifications, insurance. Ask about education and training of supervisors and crew members. How many are Certified Landscape Maintenance Operators (CLMO)? Do employees attend special and/or in-house training programs? How long have they been in business (a brand new business may provide excellent service, but you want to ask in-depth questions about their technical and business know-how). How big is the business? The complexity of your property may require careful consideration of the size of the lawn maintenance firm.

  • References - Require them and take time to check them out. Look at two or three properties maintained by the service...try to observe the crews working.

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Wilkes Summer Newsletter

I thought about making this news letter about the current watering restrictions, but with all of the rain we have had lately it seems unnecessary for the moment. So, I thought I would give you some information about how to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful during the rainy, hot and crazy Florida summer weather.

Mowing: Mowing your lawn is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy beautiful Florida lawn. Proper mowing habits along with watering and fertilizer can greatly effect your success or failure.

Two of the most important mowing points you need to educate yourself on are cutting height and how often to mow. Both of those things will depend on what kind of grass you have.

In general, grasses with narrow blades can be mowed closer than grasses with broader blades. Grass will go through stress with every mowing. Especially, if too much leaf tissue is removed. Cutting you lawn too short will subject the grass to other stresses such as, bugs, disease, drought and being burned up by the hot Florida sun.

Although, the growth rate of your specific grass should determine how often you mow. Here are a few other indicators you should use in your mowing decisions.

  1. Grass Species ( will tell you where to find the information)
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Time of year

As a general rule, you should never remove more than 1/3 of the blade height. Certain grasses like the low maintenance Bahia are mowed to remove the seed heads more than to cut the leaf blade. But St. Augustine grass should be kept at a 4 inch height. So you should only mow it when it is about 6 inches in height.

To learn more about proper care of your lawn you can visit this site:

Micro irrigation: Micro irrigation or low-volume irrigation helps you conserve water while irrigating your plants where they need it most -- at the root system. This is something that really can keep your bed plants healthy and beautiful while using a fraction of the amount of water it takes to water the lawn

Micro irrigation is placed in the beds at the home's foundation. Beds on the perimeter do not have irrigation and are reserved for plants with higher drought tolerance or lower water needs.

There are a variety of micro irrigation supplies available at home improvement stores (for the DIY people) and through any qualified landscape or irrigation contractors. The most common systems feature "micro-sprayers" or "bubblers" with the spray heads applying water directly to the base of the plant. Drip irrigation systems release water through tiny holes in the hose can be placed directly in the planting beds on top of or under mulch.

Mulch: Adding 2" to 3" of mulch to your planted beds is, perhaps, one of the most important things you can do for your plants. In Florida's hot weather, mulch helps maintain soil moisture, reducing evaporation and the need to water plants. In the winter, mulch keeps soil around plants warmer. Mulch also inhibits weed growth, can improve soil as it decays and also adds to the appearance of beds and your yard.

There are many different types of mulch. Some natural (and free) sources of mulch include grass clippings, raked leaves, and pine needles. Some communities and utilities that collect yard wastes or remove trees offer free mulch. Mulch can be purchased at nurseries in bulk or in bags. Homeowners are discouraged from using cypress mulch because harvesting of cypress trees can harm wetlands.

Ok, let's go ahead with the current watering restriction information. I wouldn’t want to leave out something important. You can find all the current information at this link:

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