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Helpful Links and FAQs
To Answer Many Home Gardening Questions

The internet has a wealth of information for gardeners but not all of it is reliable.
Consider the following websites to find dependable information on the web to answer Lawn and Garden questions.

University of Florida Extension Offices:
Find your local extension office and explore their excellent list of topics such as: How fertilizers work, proper plant pruning, weed identification and control, landscape management, best management practices, irrigation, plant pest and disease recognition, how to prepare your landscape for hurricane damage, and so many others. This is an important link!

Florida-Friendly Landscaping:
A useful website that covers a large variety of subjects in a fun and interactive medium. Click Here!

Everything you need to know about watering your lawn and plants.

Check out current watering restrictions for Hillsborough County:
Here are just a few of the questions that are answered on this website:

   - What are the current restrictions for Hillsborough County?
   - Iím building a house. Does this mean I canít water my new lawn?
   - What are the restrictions on micro-irrigation and low volume irrigation?
   - What rules apply to hand watering?

Watering Instructions for Newly Landscaped Plants:
Remember that all plants take months to develop roots and should be watered frequently. Daily watering for 4-6 weeks is recommended to establish a good root system. Once the plants are established you can cut back on your water to 2 -3 times per week. We recommend checking with your local county extension service regarding water restriction and regulation in your area.

Watering Trees and Palms

Newly planted trees and palms need lots of water. After the installation of your tree or palm, these instructions of care and maintenance will ensure proper growth and good health of your new plant.

Fill dirt ring with water, slowly full to the top, but not breaking the ring. This should be done twice daily for the first four weeks, then once a day for the next four weeks. Then slowly taper off to twice a week for the next six months.

This is the final step in planting. The addition of three or four inches of mulch around the plant keeps them warm in winter and cool during the summer months. Mulch insulates the roots against extreme temperature, slows down evaporation of moisture from the soil and helps to keep down weeds. Mulch also provides an attractive appearance

The reason for fertilizing plants should be to supply nutrients to achieve a clearly defined objective, such as:

  • Increasing shoot growth, root growth, flowering, or fruiting
  • Establishing newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Enhancing foliage color and plant appearance
  • Correcting or preventing nutrient deficiencies

You can find all information you need about fertilizing in Florida by clicking on this link.

Featured Creatures:
A good University of Florida website that allows you to see pictures and graphics of plant and pest problems common in Florida. Often accompanied by control suggestions.

Pest Facts:
PestFacts.org is an excellent site that allows you to sift through facts compared to media exaggerations that have confused consumers for years. It includes a myth buster section.



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